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Residential gutter cleaning service in Ottawa and Gatineau

The importance of cleaning your gutters

At Homa, we specialize in gutter cleaning services in the Ottawa and Gatineau areas. We understand the importance of having clean and functioning gutters on your home to protect against water damage and ice buildup. We are dedicated to providing a thorough cleaning service that will leave your gutters in optimal condition.

What is included in a gutter cleaning service?

Our team of experienced and trained professionals uses the latest techniques and equipment to provide a comprehensive cleaning service. We take the time to ensure that every inch of your gutters is cleaned, including the downspouts and corners.

We offer both interior and exterior gutter cleaning services. Our interior gutter cleaning services include removing all debris and flushing the downspouts with a garden hose. Our exterior gutter cleaning services include brushing the outside of the gutters with a gutter brightening product and rinsing them down with a garden hose to remove all the dirt from underneath.


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Exterior gutter cleaning


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How do you schedule a gutter cleaning service?

We understand the importance of flexibility, that’s why we work around your schedule to ensure that your gutters are cleaned at a time that is convenient for you. If we are cleaning your gutters, you do not need to be home.

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Don’t let dirty gutters affect the appearance and atmosphere of your home.

Contact us today to schedule a residential gutter cleaning service in Ottawa or Gatineau and experience the peace of mind a clean gutter can make.

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