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Property management in Ottawa and Gatineau

Do you manage properties in the Ottawa, Gatineau area?

This page is packed with information that could help you keep your tenants happy and save you money.

Cleaning services

  • Window cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pressure washing (balconies and garbage area)
  • Low pressure siding cleaning
  • Roof soft washing

Installation and repair services

  • Gutter guard installation
  • Gutter repairs
  • Christmas light installation
  • Caulking for windows and doors 

Out of these services, which ones will help you keep your tenants happy?

Short answer, all of them! But if you want the top 3, here they are.

Window cleaning

Nothing keeps your tenants happier than freshly cleaned windows, 2 times a year is recommended but if it’s not in the budget, at least once a year is the minimum to keep the tenants in good spirits. We recommend asking to get a quote around the month of January or February. The calendar books very quickly so being first to ask is a big advantage.

Christmas light installation

Christmas lights is one of those services that property managers don’t think about too much in the Ottawa, Gatineau area. Lighting up the main entrance ways to a real estate project is a sure way to put a smile on your tenants faces. It’s often overlooked but it can have a big impact on the atmosphere and attract high paying tenants to your project.

Pressure washing balconies and garbage areas

Nothing is more frustrating than paying 1500$/month and having a disgusting garbage area. Or even worse, having friends over for a BBQ with filthy balcony floors. Once every 2 years, we recommend pressure washing balconies and cleanup the garbage area. This will definitely be appreciated by your tenants.

Which services will help you save money?

Here is the top 3 money saving services for property managers in Ottawa and Gatineau:


Roof soft washing

Did you know that by cleaning your roof, you can extend its lifespan by about 5 years? Let’s face it, roofing is super expensive, the more we can put off that large expense without getting water damage, the better!

The problem: You see those black streaks on your roof, that’s mold, mildew and bacteria colonies eating away at your shingles.

The solution: We can apply an algicide with low pressure to kill all of those colonies and it will extend your roof’s life by a long time. Not a very popular service, but definitely a great way to save money.


Caulking windows and doors

Caulking your windows is also really good for saving you money. By changing your caulking before it’s too late you prevent water damage, pests and air from entering your building. All 3 of those things can be extremely expensive to repair.

We recommend getting your caulking inspected every 5 years. A good sealant will last you about 15 years but that’s not always what is used by other caulking companies.


Gutter guard installation

If your property  has trees all over the place, investing in solid gutter guards may be a great way to save you money in the long term. In general they cost about 3 years of gutter cleaning. So by year 4 you should have cleared your investment and pocket the rest as savings for the years to come.

What’s the best time to book your property maintenance in Ottawa and Gatineau?


Hands down, whether you want window cleaning or Christmas lights, getting your quotes done in January will make your job so much easier. The reality is that many property managers wait until the last minute to book. So say they call us in April or May, we may already be booking for the end of summer, beginning of fall. This causes frustration from tenants and you end up rushing to find someone who will actually do it in a timely manner. 

Another reason why it’s good to book ahead of time is because you can sometimes get offseason pricing for certain services. For example: when you book caulking in the winter, we can get materials for much cheaper at that time. Same for Christmas lights, off season pricing is worth taking a look at.


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